The Neighborhood Relations and Safety Education web page was established with our off-campus students and neighbors in mind. The web page will provide opportunities for input regarding student related issues between UCF students and their neighbors surrounding the university. The web site serves as a direct link to the university to address student related concerns and provide positive feedback in a timely manner.

We encourage our neighbors and students to communicate with us regardless of the magnitude of their concerns. In addition, the comments we receive from you will provide us with the opportunity to engage in a positive dialogue to improve the quality of life and overall climate of our local community.

Neighborhood Relations and Safety Education has another significant component to its work and that involves the student neighborhood information, contact, relationship, and development. This aspect of the office seeks to communicate and interact with community partners or neighbors on behalf of the university. It is important, said Karen Nguyen, program assistant, “for students and the university, to establish, maintain, and enhance positive and effective neighborhood relationships within our communities. Students, neighbors, neighborhoods, and the homeowners’ associations need to all work cooperatively and harmoniously in order to sustain a strong quality of life within and among the various communities that our students reside.” This kind of neighborhood relations, therefore, helps to reduce crime, build good will, and make living in the subdivisions an enjoyable experience for everyone.

When students and neighbors get to know each other, consequently, there is a greater tendency to talk and work out any concerns, disputes, or issues without the Sheriff’s Office or Orlando Police being asked to respond! It is, therefore, the objective of Neighborhood Relations and Safety Education and Student Neighborhood Relations, according to A. J. Range, assistant vice president, “to foster, promote, and sustain a respectful, healthy relationship with students living off campus and among our university neighbors residing adjacent to our campus. Thus, this is a critical tenant of The UCF Creed: Community”! Finally, as an institution of higher education, UCF has the responsibility and opportunity, through our office, to inform, teach, guide, and encourage students to practice good neighborhood relations, which is the breeding ground for effective civic action and successful world citizenship.

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