Life Off Campus

Your Responsibilities

As a resident, you have responsibilities. You live away from home, but that doesn’t release you from caring for your residence or adhering to housing laws. You have a responsibility to:

  • Keep your place clean and free of garbage
  • Comply with housing and health codes
  • Contact the landlord when repairs are needed
  • Avoid damaging the residence
  • Respect your neighbors
  • Control the noise level and your guests

Having a Party

Play by the rules of your rental community. If you don’t know the guidelines, ask management for a copy.

Here are a few tips:

  • Check with your roommate to see if they’re okay with having a party
  • Stay at the party the entire time
  • Invite a manageable number of guests—maybe even your neighbors
  • Consider noise, parking, music, and food and drink issues
  • Remove or hide all valuables and breakables
  • Inform your guests about the community rules
  • Check IDs—underage drinking is illegal

If your party gets out-of-hand, you could face serious consequences. You are responsible for any underage drinking, violation of noise ordinances, personal injury, property damage, and parking or lease violations that occur in or at your residence. Some possible consequences include:

  • Eviction
  • Fines and/or jail time
  • Civil and criminal liability
  • University sanctions*
  • Towing or parking fines
  • Personal injury liability

* Visit for a full description of UCF rules and regulations.

Being a Good Neighbor

Whether you live on or off campus, you represent UCF. If you aren’t a good neighbor, it reflects on the university and its community. Businesses, schools and churches are neighbors, as well. Keep noise as low as possible, clean up after your parties, mow your lawn regularly, and consider joining your neighborhood association. Get to know your neighbors, be polite and talk to them, and show them respect—and they will treat
you the same.

All students must be good neighbors and adhere to The Golden Rule Student Handbook.

Student sitting in hallway